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Local Woodland Park School Board Candidate

This website is dedicated to our current generation of school age children AND the future generations that will follow them. The education that our young people receive today will determine how they govern our country one day when they are in the position we now find ourselves in. Having a well-rounded and thorough education that includes basic instruction on how free societies exist is critical to our country’s future.

Vision, Commitments & Issues

PUTTING CHILDREN FIRST: Our focus needs to be on preparing children to be positive, prosperous Americans by teaching critical thinking skills that they’ll need to be great leaders for tomorrow. For this to happen our children need to have an understanding of Civics.

KEEPING DECISION-MAKING AT A LOCAL LEVEL: Our mountain community is unique and needs solutions to come from local parents and teachers who have first-hand knowledge of the day-to-day events that our students face.

KEEP TRUTH IN OUR CLASSROOMS: It is imperative that we be aware of and take a stand against agendas meant to rewrite our history, including both our moments of triumph as well as the turbulent periods that resulted in necessary changes to how we govern.

FISCAL ACCOUNTABILITY: The community has a right to not just know how money is being allocated, but to have a say in the budget. It is the responsibility of elected officials who serve on the school board to monitor these funds and be accountable to the taxpayers.

SUMMIT LEARNING PROGRAM: Woodland Park School Superintendent Dr. Matthew Neal voiced concerns about the Summit Learning Program at the August school board meeting.  Click here for more…

HEALTHY KIDS SURVEY: How much do you know about the “Healthy Kids Survey”?
 Click here for more…

The Vision Our Education Needs Right Now

About Sue Patterson

  Sue Patterson is a wife, mom and grandma with over twenty years of experience advocating for people with developmental disabilities, and a 2021 candidate to become the next elected member of the Woodland Park School Board, representing the Summit Elementary School in Woodland Park, Colorado. 

As a proud, yet concerned American citizen, after her family relocated to Teller County in 2020, Sue felt a deep moral obligation to serve in the local community by volunteering with non-profit organizations like Phoenix Project, Choices, and the Kiwanis Club. The aforementioned passion for learning also led her to become interested in how students in Woodland Park were being prepared for success to become tomorrow’s leaders.

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